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Open To Reviewing Mental Health Publishing

If you are aware of who I am from previous posts, or perhaps my social media, I had a previous website. I owned The Dopamine Flux, which was a website I had for many years until I was unable to renew the domain and it was taken by an unknown foreign company.

I am open to continue reviewing mental health books, zines, and any mental health-related publishing.

That was one of the things I really enjoyed doing and having to start over from scratch with a new website and a new name is a bit of a drag for me as I've lost the viewership I originally had gained. Though it's ok, and we are on to new horizons! I have chosen a name I'm more comfortable with and I feel more successful with, in the long run.

So this is your invite from me. I am open to reviewing mental health publishing. Everything from books, zines, and the like. If you are a marketing company looking to have your clients' mental health book reviewed, please send me an email through the form box on the front page of the website and I will promptly get back to you!

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