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The daughter of a telecommunications engineer and a esthetician, she got her start in the arts auditioning for the Oscar Meyer Weiner jingle commercial in 1996. That led to her love for film and acting, but quickly reminded her of how shy she was at a young age.

She continued her passion for the arts, with drawing, painting, and filmmaking as a hobby, into her early 20’s. She found her voice through writing and poetry in 2015. She met her Fiancé in 2018 and moved to a small town in DFW. She continued to excel in her writing. Writing her first poetry book, For The Love Of Sanity, which is a poetic take on the vast, pervious emotions catalyzed by mental illness. She continues to write about mental health, and advocate for it.

Lindsay continues to share her work, and was previously nominated for TEDx. She has worked with WEGO Health on mental health advocacy, and is a contributing writer for The Mighty, Vent Over Tea, and Yahoo! Lifestyle. Also, having her own blog, The Dopamine Flux. She is always excited when projects allow her to meet new people and connect with the community.

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